Reasons to hold an intimate wedding

‘Micro-wedding’ has certainly become a buzzword in recent months, and whilst we were already seeing a trend towards smaller, more personal celebrations, 2020 has seen the definitive rise in intimate weddings, as couples prove that love is not cancelled!

Now we know that a smaller wedding isn’t for all of you and it’s quite right that you might want to wait until you can have ALL your friends and family together again for a larger celebration. However, having hosted a few intimate weddings here at Eastwood Park now, we wanted to highlight a few reasons we think that intimate weddings can be just as magical and romantic as the traditional wedding party.

Focus on just the two of you

Without the distraction of a big celebration - juggling multiple suppliers, planning your table seating and chasing RSVPs - there is more opportunity to focus upon just the two of you and why you’re getting married. The planning process is greatly reduced to the things most important to you both, having the people by your side that you most love and creating the wedding experience you want. Your wedding might be small but can be big on personality, atmosphere and most importantly, love.

Spend more quality time with loved ones

According to wedding website Hitched, the average wedding has 82 day guests and 103 evening guests; you don’t have to be a mathematician to work out that that’s a lot of people to speak to in one day! While it’s lovely to have all your friends and family together in one room, micro-weddings give you an opportunity to create real, meaningful memories with your guests on your wedding day and spend more time together.

Save money and put it towards the things you really want

There is no denying it, weddings are expensive. However aside from the obvious benefit of reduced guest numbers meaning less expenditure, you could also use your micro-wedding as an opportunity to make the whole thing more luxurious or go all-out on in certain areas. For example, you could organise a really stunning floral installation for your ceremony that you wouldn’t have had the budget for otherwise, or why not treat your guests with an upgrade to Champagne instead of Prosecco? Or you could just save the money and go on the most epic honeymoon once this whole situation is over!

A relaxed, informal atmosphere

There’s also not quite the same time pressures, no angst about seating 100+ guests for a certain time, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxed and stress-free wedding day where timings and the flow of the day can be much more about just the two of you.

When it comes to photos, you'll be able to enjoy all the splendour of a spectacular venue for special images to show everyone afterwards – and have it all to yourselves and take pretty much all the time you need!

And while some of you out there might relish the idea of being centre-stage for the day, others dread the thought of all those eyes watching you walk down the aisle! A micro-wedding might make saying ‘I do’ much more comfortable, in a relaxed and intimate environment.

So...what do you think?

If you think that a micro-wedding is for you, we have just released two new wedding packages for this very reason. Our special ‘Intimate’ wedding package includes everything you need to create a special wedding day for you two and up to 13 guests.

Alternatively, our ‘Just us’ wedding package caters for just two of you and not only includes your ceremony and overnight accommodation in our Bridal Suite, but a delicious afternoon tea, 3-course evening meal and tasty breakfast before you leave too. Find out more.

Photo by Philip Warren Photography