6 ways to adapt your wedding for a different season

For many couples whose weddings have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, postponing a wedding can mean more than ‘just’ a date change.

With season being a key consideration for many when deciding on a wedding date, postponement can lead to a rethink of everything from flowers to décor, food to drink. But moving season, doesn’t mean you have to change your entire wedding; there are a whole host of ways you can incorporate your original wedding plans into your new date, and without having to break the bank! Here are 6 of our favourite.

  1. Colours

If you were getting married in spring, you may have chosen quite light and fresh colours to reflect this. Why not consider altering an aspect of your chosen colour scheme – for example try a mustard or even gold instead of lemon, or how about a dark purple instead of lilac? That way you can still use the colours you set your heart on, while having a palette that adds warmth and drama suiting the time of year, perhaps with your original  pastel shades as an accent. This can work in reverse if you are moving from winter to spring too!

  1. Your venue

Don’t panic! Any good venue will have all-round weather plans, so while an outdoor wedding may not be possible in December without some serious outdoor heating, your venue will have a whole host of other options for cooler days and evenings that you may not have even considered. Equally, think about the new photo opportunities that might now be open to you!

Here at Eastwood Park we call ourselves a “venue for all seasons”, with plentiful photo locations inside and out, and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the surrounding countryside which are perfect if it’s just too chilly to step outside.

  1. Drinks reception

Adjusting your Reception drinks can really help reflect your new season; think Pimm’s on the Terrace in the summer, or how about hot, spiced mulled wine instead to really set the mood in winter, or a warming hot chocolate? It might be the middle of July but just writing this gets us excited for those crisp winter days!

  1. Your outfit

There’s no need to change your dress, but if you are moving to colder months, how about accessorising with elegant but cosy bridal jacket for your arrival or outdoor photos. For men, consider changing your fabrics, which you should be able to do quite easily. Try tweed or velvet for winter, or a light linen for summer. Don’t forget your bridesmaids and best men too!

  1. Cake

Adapting your cake flavours is an easy way to match the season. Ginger, rich chocolate or cinnamon all suit winter, or try zesty lemon or summer berries for warmer months. Similarly with decoration, naked or semi-naked cakes are perfect for the heat of summer, with simple fruits or flowers to accessorise. In the winter, delicate icing or gold leaf can take your cake to the next level!

  1. Flowers

Embrace a new selection of flowers – your florist will be able to help with this and suggest flowers that are seasonal and keep within your planned colour scheme. You can still get bright colours all year round if this is important to you, plus in winter you have all kinds of options available that are truly unique to that time of year – think holly, mistletoe, hawthorn berries and for that extra touch of romance…mistletoe! Dried flowers and fairy lights to set off floral displays are an increasingly popular option too.

Having said all this, here at Eastwood Park we are firm believers that you should have what you want on your wedding day, and choose what reflects your individual personalities rather than just a seasonal trend. Even so, if you have had to change season, we hope this will show you how easy it is to adapt your wedding day, and the opportunities for new ideas a postponement can present.

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