Planning your wedding? See our top tips!

Are you looking to tie the knot with your significant other, but don’t know where to begin?

Let us talk you through some of our very own top tips to help you on your way.

The guest list

The guest list is one of the most important parts to consider before all else, even your budget! Without the firm numbers and an idea of individual requirements, it makes venue-finding all the more difficult. Numbers can increase to more than you may think, so it’s wise to sit down and get them all written down.


Are you looking to have a laid-back or a sophisticated-do? Will it be a big wedding, or an intimate affair? Every single choice you make will affect the overall cost of your day, so ensure you work out a mutually agreeable budget and stick to it!

budget your wedding

Decide on your colours, themes and overall image

Choosing these early on can really help with your decisions regarding stationery, décor and wedding attire. Make sure you and your significant other (SO) are on the same wavelength, this avoids disagreements down the line!

wedding themes

Choose your ‘squad’

Your ushers and bridesmaids should be those who mean a lot to you, those you can trust to be there in any time of need. Some couples choose just one or two of their closest friends or family for these key roles, however, here at Eastwood Park we have also seen upwards of 8 people on each side!

Remember that your squad will be with you throughout the whole planning process, and likely to plan your hen or stag, so choose wisely!


Consider the timeline of the day

There is often spare time between the ceremony and the reception, and although drinks, photos and general mingling will take up at least an hour, any longer and some of your guests may end up getting bored! If you have a substantial amount of time, consider filling the gap with fun games, outdoor activities and/or a photobooth, and be mindful of children who may be in attendance.

wedding timeline

Go venue shopping

Weddings are more popular during the summer months, so this is especially important if you’re looking to exchange your vows in August! There are many aspects to consider when looking around a venue. Firstly, is it accessible for all of your guests? Secondly, is it big enough, or similarly, will it be too big if you’re hoping for an intimate occasion? Catering options are important to talk through, as some venues will not allow external caterers, whilst others don’t offer in-house food.

Most importantly, consider whether you can make the venue personal to you both.

choose your wedding venue

Pre-marital counselling

You may be completely comfortable and confident in your relationship together, and that’s good! However, pre-marital counselling can help some couples bring up those more complicated issues that could arise later in married life which you may not have considered before. It’s a good way of bonding as well as ensuring that you really are marrying the right person!

Pre-marital counselling

Keep everything together

The more suppliers you speak to and the more aspects that you organise, the more paperwork and email trails you will have to contend with. Print everything important; venue booking, floristry invoices, seating plan etc, and keep it together. This also means that you can hand this over to the Wedding Co-ordinator prior to the day, so they have all the contacts and information they need to make sure your day goes without a hitch!

wedding coordinators

Put together a ‘Wedding Day Kit’. Things may go wrong!

Safety pins, plasters, toothpicks, needle and thread, spare shoes, paracetamol, toothbrush, hairclips, make-up, phone charger, you name it! Often, you’ll be staying away from home on the day of the wedding, so make sure you’re organised and have everything you may need.

wedding shoes

Don’t rush off onto your honeymoon

If you’re planning a honeymoon, although it seems romantic to rush off into the sunset on your adventure, we would recommend holding off for 24-48 hours to get everything together, take it slow and enjoy the time as a new married couple! Often, there will be items to pick up from the venue (and more wedding cake to eat!), so there is still lots to do before jetting off.

rush off on honeymoon

We hope this helps, and if you’d like any more advice or to book a show-around of Eastwood Park, please send an email to and Eve, our Wedding Co-ordinator, will be in touch.