Win a Dream Wedding - supplier tips!

When people think about planning their wedding, they are of course faced with excitement, but also all manner of fears. The substantial number of elements that need organising (and paying for!) is an understandable cause for concern. 

Bristol Post launched their 'Win a Dream Wedding' competition earlier this year, choosing us as their venue supplier! We are over the moon to be celebrating with the lucky couple, Jessica and Martyn, and the other suppliers have done a sterling job at helping to create their special day. So much so, that we've decided to catch up with a few of them and put together their top tips when it comes to planning your wedding.

Ben Kirkley: the videography 📹

"Brides - walk slowly up the aisle. You might feel it seems too slow in your head, but it will allow your guests to see you properly and for your soon-to-be-husband to steal a look back at you. Your photographer and videographer can get a lovely shot during that moment"

Emma Louise Low MUA: the bridal makeup 💄

"My top tip would be to not experiment with beauty treatments you’ve not had before like tans, facials or waxing too close to the wedding date, trial them nice and early!"

The Icing Centre: the cake 🍰

"Have one of the tiers of the wedding cake false inside and have a cutting cake in the kitchen for all the day guests (I do a half and half 2 flavour cutting cake). That way your cake can still be on display when your evening guests arrive"

Powder & Pearls: the photography 📸

"If you want the have the perfect confetti photo, don’t forget to remind your guests to bring confetti or supply your own! So few guests bring it any more, so it pays to be prepared. It can be bought in bulk very cheaply from hundreds of online suppliers, just make sure it’s bio-degradable. If you’re the creative type, now’s the time to make some beautiful confetti cones for your guests to use"