A 'tree-mendous' month at Eastwood Park

It's not often we have a 'horticultural moment' here, but this month has been the exception!

We are now proud owners of a rare "Rockhampton Red" - which for those of you in the know, is a relatively new specimen of Britain's native Hornbeam.

The tree has just been planted at the end of our long sweeping drive, as part of our continued restoration of the estate.

Sadly, we lost a very old Oak tree recently in the bad weather - reported to be in excess of 150 years old. However, the Hornbeam will breathe new life into our surroundings with, as its name suggests, its bright red leaves in the autumn, contrasting with the Eastwood Park backdrop.

This Hornbeam is quite rare as it has been effectively patented by Mount Pleasant Trees (in Rockhampton) to prevent illegal propagation. We've planted one of the oldest and biggest specimens to be sold by the Nursery so far.

So we are all looking forward with anticipation, as we watch our new Rockhampton Red flourish in its new home. We'll keep you posted on its progress.

Our groundsman Graham following the successful planting of the Rockhampton Red.

Image kindly provided by Geoff Locke of Mount Pleasant Trees.