Welcome to the leap year!

Welcome to the next leap year. Here at Eastwood Park, this once-in-every-four-years has caused quite a stir, mostly as we work out whether birthdays have moved nearer the weekend or not!

More importantly, this weekend we are very lucky to be celebrating a leap year wedding. Choosing such a rare day to get married makes the big day all the more unique.

Leap years take place because the earth orbits the sun in just under 365.25 days, meaning that the extra day is required to realign with the calendar year, which works to 365 days.

Did you know?

Many people dream of being forever young and for those born on 29 February, this is a reality (kind of). It is considered lucky for babies to be born on a leap day, often referred to as ‘leaplings’ if their birthday falls on the 29 February. Your chances of this are one in 1,461!

And although we’re firm believers that anyone can propose any day of the year, 29 February has traditionally been seen as the day for ladies to pop the question. This old Irish tradition stems back to Bachelor’s Day, in which women-initiated dances and proposed marriage to their partners.

Celebrating 29 February

There is actually an official leap year cocktail, first featured in The Savoy Cocktail Book in 1930. According to the book “it is said to have been responsible for more proposals than any other cocktail that has ever been mixed”!

4 ounces (118ml) gin
1 ounce (30ml) Grand Marnier
1 ounce (30ml) sweet Vermouth
1 ounce (30ml) fresh lemon juice
Lemon twist for garnish

Let us know if you decide to try it – is it worth waiting four years for?





Photo taken by Philip Warren Photography