Out with the old and in with the new: Blooms at Eastwood Park

Spring and summer are times for clearing out and new beginnings. This is exactly the approach our Groundsman, Graham, has taken with our flowers and plants at Eastwood Park.

If you’re around Eastwood Park, you may see Graham making his way around the estate on his buggy or tractor as he tends to the grounds. He meticulously picks from his stock of plants the ones he knows will grow best or complement each other, before loading them onto his buggy ready brighten up the flower beds around the site.

estate caretaker

At the start of the summer, Graham tidied up the spring flowers such as forget-me-nots and daffodils so that the soil could be fresh & ready for new blooms to be planted.

He planted marigolds in two colours – a rich orange and a vibrant yellow. These flowers are one of the easiest flowers to keep and are popular as they bloom brightly all summer long. It has been said marigolds represent the beauty and warmth of the rising sun.


Begonias make a fantastic addition to our hanging baskets, adding a vibrant kick with their fuchsia petals. They are able to store water in order to stay hydrated during the dry months of the year and in the “floral dictionary”, being given begonias translates to “be cautious”


These lilac breadseed poppies have been popping up in abundance along the walkway towards our main house. Before they bloom they look quite unusual, with large balls at the end of long stems. Blooming in early to mid-summer, these poppies can have flowers in many shades of pink, red and purple, as well as white or even in multiple colours at once!

spring blooms

These delicate, tiny flowers are called Alyssum, and make an excellent addition to our flower beds and hanging baskets to fill the space between the bigger flowers. You may have heard of these also being called “Sweet Alison” due to their sweet aroma that attracts pollinating insects.

alyssum flowers

With summer in full swing, the flowers are in bloom and the air is fragrant with floral scents. Wherever you walk in Eastwood Park, you’re sure to see the product of Graham’s hard work and lots of colour!

summer blooms