The power of team building

Looking to get your employees together and build your strongest team? It’s time to start planning your next team building event!

No matter the organisation or its size, team building is a fun and effective way to boost morale, strengthen relationships and build trust with one another – all whilst having a good time! And when your team bonds, the benefits speak for themselves…

Improved communication

It goes without saying that communication between co-workers and departments is key to the success of a company. As team building activities nurture a fun and relaxed environment, it encourages employees to communicate with each other whilst completing tasks.

Boosted productivity

As communication improves, so do colleague relationships, which in turn increases productivity levels. When employees work together and communicate effectively, efficiency within the workplace increases, strengthening the overall office morale – what’s not to love?

Identifies skills

Team building offers an opportunity for employees to showcase their individual talents and skills, and also enables managers to discover the natural leaders in their team.

Plan your next team building event with us

Our dedicated conference and training centre boasts in-house catering, on-site accommodation and 200 acres of grounds to play with – all within easy reach of Bristol, Gloucester, South Wales and the Midlands.

A range of activities

We work closely with various external partners, enabling us to offer a number of engaging indoor and outdoor activities. Whether its hovercrafts, soapbox racing or an exciting challenge to get everyone active and working together, we’re the perfect year-round, all-weather venue!

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