About us

Eastwood Park is a stunning Victorian house estate with a very rich history. Located in over 200 acres of tranquil countryside and rolling hills, it has welcomed many events and guests over the years.

Below you will find a small part of our history.

The Eastwood Park Estate is associated with the Jenkinson family of Bristol. A family that has all had distinguished careers, with many of the early members becoming great travellers and seafarers. They are responsible for the Victorian country house present today with many original features.

Anthony Jenkinson a companion of the explorer Sebastian Cabot - was also a traveller and attempted the first land crossing from Moscow to China in the late 1500s

Sir Charles Jenkinson - Seventh Baronet, First Baron of Hawkesbury and the First Earl of Liverpool, bought the Estate in the 18th century. His son, the Second Earl, was Prime Minister of England from 1812 to 1827. The peerage ceased on the death of the Third Earl in 1851, when his cousin Sir Charles Jenkinson became Baron.

The Jenkinson family motto "Pareo non servio" (I obey, I do not serve) can be seen above the stained glass window on the main staircase of the country house, along with the Jenkinson family's coat of arms.

The Estate has changed hands over the years and its new owners have adapted the main Victorian country house and adjacent buildings each time.

The clock is installed in what was the old stables building, now offices. The clock was made by J. W. Benson, of Ludgate Hill, London, clockmaker to Queen Victoria and HRH Prince of Wales. Mears & Steinback cast the bell in 1871. The clock needs to be manually wound once a week.