School Prom

Your prom or graduation night is the final celebration of your student days.

At Eastwood Park we work hard to make sure it is something very special. We bring together high quality entertainment, a carefully chosen menu serving only the highest quality food, a wide selection of drinks suited to the occasion and a special events team with a real passion to create a truly memorable night.

The neutral furnishings in all of our rooms means that we are able to cater to all of your individual themes and decorative needs and make your event as memorable as possible.

Making an entrance

Over the years Eastwood Park has seen students arrive in all modes of transport, from a traditional horse and carriage, to camper vans, tractors and more helicopters than you can imagine!

Our prom packages

All packages are based on 50 guests (additional guests can be added at brochure prices).

  • Classic party package

  • Country celebration

  • Elegant dining & dancing experience

  • Ultimate elegance package