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Group challenges

Eastwood Park offers a range of team building activities and events to meet
the specific needs of your business and your team whether large or small.

Motivational events can be part of a sales meeting, training session or
conference - the right one can be a great icebreaker. 

Here's our range of regular team building challenges available all year
round. Pick from a wide selection below and when you see something
 you are interested in please call to discuss more.

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The team will be divided into groups of three and will rotate around
the chosen activities, facilitated by a team building professional. 
Each activity will have a challenge and the team with the most points
wins! Select 3 high adrenaline activities:
  • quad bikes
  • max cats
  • crossbows
  • air rifle shooting
  • hovercraft
  • rage buggies
  • sheep herding (with people not sheep!)

Action packed and competitive, the 'It's a Knockout' games are divided
into zones - two teams compete in each zone, against the clock. Our
master of ceremonies will introduce the It's a Knockout competition
and team activities.

  • the quicker the teams complete the activities, the more points
    they gain
  • each team is given a coloured Joker to play on one game they
    select, doubling their points on that game
  • the winning team is announced after all the zones have been




Each team is required to create a F1 Kart. This requires teamwork,
multi-tasking, planning, problem solving, time and resource
management, leadership, communication, creativity and design.

  • basic equipment to build the cars is issued
  • extra resources can be bought with ‘fun money’ 
  • the Kart itself must conform to a specification: alloy wheels, 
    sponsorship logos, body kits, corporate branding, spoiler & team name
  • at the end of the session, they are judged and the best Kart wins!

These activities challenge delegation, leadership and team working as well
as time management. 

  • 2 teams compete to build, load, aim and fire replica cannons, built
    from original moulds used on HMS Victory. Assigned by their team,
    the “Gun Captain” leads the crew!
  • segways will then be used for the second part of the session.
    Segways are a fantastic piece of modern technology that will balance
    itself as you turn on the spot and make your way over course. Each
    team member will have a chance to get to grips with the machines.

A half-day hands on hawking experience:

  • introduction to birds of prey
  • delegates arrange themselves into small groups
  • hands on work with the birds, flying and feeding display





Typically a group is split into several teams and participates in a series of
light-hearted fun games, tasks and quizzes.

The games come thick and fast calling for quick thinking, interaction and
a sense of humour.

  • giant Jenga
  • washing powder ad
  • catchphrase
  • brain teasers
  • spaghetti bridge

An informative and fun 2hr session whatever your prior knowledge of wine:

  • led by a wine expert
  • 6-8 wines to taste (with continental cheeses and crackers)
  • introduction on how to sample and taste wines

Challenges include:

  • blind tasting
  • guess the grape, region and price of the wines
  • old world vs new world
  • same grape variety but which is which?
  • guess the aromas
  • fastest corkscrew in the west – bottle opening against the clock!
  • quick fire quiz – test your knowledge with true of false wine trivia

An enjoyable two-hour workshop suitable for all:

  • a brief introduction to single estate cocoa - and tasters!
  • an explanation of tempering chocolate
  • make your own ganaches with different flavourings
  • a demonstration of chocolate case making
  • make your own chocolate cases and fill with your favourite ganache
  • make your own chocolate truffles
  • finish and pack your chocolates to take with you

Formal meetings rooms and lunch…
We can also book meeting rooms or conference facilities for before or
after your event.  Also after expending all that energy, recharge by
organising a hearty restaurant, buffet or barbecue lunch or dinner.

Awards ceremony…
Alternatively round off your day with an awards ceremony. We are
able to offer a full complement of event services, including themed
private dinners, musical entertainment and accommodation.

Bespoke requirements…
If you have not quite seen what you had in mind give us a call and
we will happily create a bespoke package especially for you.


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